First Look: Tokidoki’s 24 Karat Holiday Collection for Sephora

Cold, rainy weather totally womps. While cuddling under the sheets in front of a warm fire (or space heater, whatever) is nice, we all know that we spend the majority of our time outside the confines of our comfortable abodes during the fall and winter months, which sucks.

What doesn’t suck is that due to lackluster atmosphere, folks get to wear all kinds of sparkly, crazy shit to lift one’s spirits, and to kickoff the season Tokidoki has just released the 24 Karat Holiday Collection for Sephora, which officially drops late October with meet and greet with Tokidoki creator Simone Legno at Sephora stores in Hawaii. But just to be clear — if I lived in fucking Hawaii I might not be too stoked on a Christmas release, because I’d be, oh I don’t know, frolicking around in the surf, losing my sun-kissed mind. But I don’t, so I’m pumped to buy this stuff, and you can purchase the first pieces from the collection, right now, here.

It’s so, so shiny, ya’ll. 

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