Sleigh Bells are back, ya’ll



The first thing you should know: Derek and Alexis are back, announcing the upcoming release of their third studio album Bitter Rivals, slated for October 8th. So, yay!

Now, for the bad news: the first single and title track “Bitter Rivals” suuuxx, you guys. Like, it’s not my favorite Sleigh Bells song … but it is my least favorite song. But don’t just take my word for it, listen to it for yourself:

But as always, fuck yeah, Sleigh Bells! Crossing my fingers that this is just to throw us off the scent…

One response to “Sleigh Bells are back, ya’ll

  1. Yeah I was hella hype for it when I got the notice from Spotify bout it but dayamn……booty buttcheeks.

    I’m not gonna expect much ( v_v)

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