90’s Bitches Rejoice| Moschino Loves Powerpuff!

Like most of you babes, I’m a straight up 90’s baby. I was raised on Pogs, Gushers fruit snacks, and most importantly, The Powerpuff Girls. A Cartoon Network staple, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup taught a young $hannon Elaine how to kick ass and take names, and Jeremy Scott is capitalizing on my nostalgia and very grown-up paycheck by creating a collection for Moschino featuring the notorious PPG.





Hit the jump for an up-close look at the signature shoulder bags and information on how to get your grubby little fingers on the collection.

Fullscreen capture 222016 24702 PM

Fullscreen capture 222016 24646 PM

Fullscreen capture 222016 24657 PM

You can pre-order your Bubbles and Buttercup shoulder bags now at Saks (holding my tongue about the absence of Blossom [the BOSSEST bitch] for now), and cop the rest of the collection at Moschino.com.

And should you need it, you can reminisce a little more below:

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